Your Internet Lifestyle – Time Management for Internet Marketers

What currency are we all given in equal share?


Everyone gets the same 24 hours each day. No matter where you live or how much money you have.

The thing about living  your internet lifestyle the way you dream it – with all the freedom and working from the beach and all that – you still have to manage your time.

There is still work to do.

No business runs all by itself.

You have the same amount of time today as the person sitting next to you.

Have you ever thought of time that way  – like it’s currency or money?

How is your time spent?

Do you wish you spent it differently?

Do you wish you had more of it?

Listen: One thing about time: all 24 of my hours get spent every day whether I like it or not. I don’t get to save them. If I don’t spend them, then the universe spends them for me.

As I get older (I’m 41 now), I’m seeing things differently. I need to be wiser with my time.

Here’s what I’m doing differently to spend my time wisely:

  1. Writing every morning (this is intended to mean business  days – not committing to weekends)
  2. working out – lifting weights, running, and/or biking (by the way, this is a way to cheat time)
  3. Reading – I read a lot, but I spend too much time re-reading old books. I need to branch out and really get focused on reading more like 60 or 80 books a year
  4. Work on the ‘long game’ instead of always hoping for short term wins. Take this blog for example. This is post #1. This blog has no traffic. My intention is to patiently, persistently post on this blog until I am having a positive impact on people’s lives.

It’s a start.

It’s simple. But if you keep it simple, then it will be easier to turn these things into habits.

And once they are habits, well, then you’re really spending a good portion of my time wisely.