One of the ways to get to your internet lifestyle that you dream of is to launch products to sell online.

This is different than being an affiliate and selling someone else’s products…

With product launches, YOU recruit affiliates to help sell your product. And you reap all the benefits – profits, new email subscribers, and the ability to sell future goods to your buyers.

Let’s talk about how to do product launches successfully.

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First, let’s talk about the types of products to sell.

Types of products to sell

You can sell just about anything online – but here is a list of the common and easiest types of products to sell:

Information products

Information products are 2 – ??? page reports that you write or have written for you. Marketers also sell information delivered through video or audio as well.

These reports contain useful information that usually solves a problem or shows a way to do something.

You can write the information yourself, hire someone else to write it, or buy the rights (PLR, for example) to something that is already written.


Like information products, software products are easy to sell online. For example WordPress themes or plugins are popular software type products.

Coaching / mentoring

Another popular type of product to sell online is coaching or mentoring. Basically you sell your time instead of a downloadable product.

Smart marketers record their coaching calls and webinars to sell later as downloadable information products.


Another option is to sell services online. For example, web design or search engine optimization are services that can easily be sold and delivered completely online.

If you can’t provide the service yourself, you can “arbitrage” the service by selling it yourself and then hiring professionals to actually provide the service.

Of course, arbitrage only works if you can sell the service at a higher price than it costs you to deliver.

Even with a service-based business, you can “launch” the same way you would with other products.

Let’s talk about tips for doing a product launch.

Product launch tips

Once you have an idea of the product you want to sell, the next step is to plan the launch.

One of the big mistakes people make when they sell a product or service online (I’m guilty!) is they never officially launch their product.

Launching a product is important because it generates attention. Okay, so let’s go over some product launch tips:

Set a date for your launch

Pick a date a month from now and set it as the launch date for your product.

You’re going to need weeks to get everything ready for a proper launch – so give yourself some time.

Put your launch date on the calendar on common affiliate and selling platforms

Places like Warrior Forum, Munch Eye, and JVZoo are where you can sell your product and manage affiliates.

You won’t be able to add a product launch date into JVZoo or Warrior Forum unless you are selling there. And there is no reason why you can’t have your product in both places eventually – but choose one for this launch.

You can google search to find several other places where you can list your upcoming product launch. Take the time to do this!

Build a sales funnel

Nothing attracts the attention of affiliates more than making money. And the #1 way they make money is through sales funnels.

I like sales funnels too because it allows me to give 100% commissions on the entry product to affiliates (which they love) and then I can take at least 50% of the sale on the rest of the products in the funnel.

Snowball effect


Will you get rich from one product launch?

No, not likely.

What you are doing is building a list of people who buy your products that you can sell to again in the future.

You’re building a relationship with affiliates.

You’re setting yourself up to have an even bigger launch next time.

The thing with product launches is if you keep doing them, they snowball.

After your first product launch, you have say 10 buyers.

When you do your second product launch, let’s just go conservative and say 5 of those 10 buyers who bought your first product buy the second one.

By the way, you get 100% of the profits from those 5 buyers who buy your second product because you didn’t have to pay any affiliate commissions out.

Anyway, now you have 5 buyers of the second product and they get in early – so now affiliates see your second product launch and they see that you are already getting sales…

And that means more affiliates will jump on board.

So let’s say your second product launch generates 20 sales (5 are people who bought your first product, 15 referred by affilites).

Now you have 25 buyers on your email list (10 bought the first product, net new buyers 15 bought your second product).

Then on and on.

It snowballs.

And that in a nutshell is how you do product launches to get to your income goals!