I get really excited talking about white label PLR videos and here’s why…

Because there’s sooo many things you can do with them!

White label and PLR are kind of like saying the same thing twice…Basically, what it means is you get the right to take the product – in this case video – and call it your own.

It’s like done for you video that you can use as content to help build traffic and pre-sell products.

3 Ways to Use PLR Videos for Affiliate Marketing

There are all kinds of white label or PLR video types out there – some are formatted like courses, some are for selling offline services and some are for affiliate marketing.

Here are some ways to use PLR videos for affiliate marketing:

  1. Put them on a landing page on your website (could be a free website or a WordPress blog). Write up an introduction about yourself and the product and use the video like a commercial. Put your affiliate link below the video for people who want to find out more (and hopefully buy!)
  2. Record a video introducing yourself and talking about the why a product is useful. Then, using a video editor like the one in Screen-cast-o-matic, just merge your video together with the PLR affiliate video and boom! You’ve got some original content you can upload to YouTube.
  3. Post the PLR videos along with an introduction on your social media profiles like Facebook. PLR videos are perfect as content for a Facebook group around your niche.

20 White Label PLR Videos for Amazon and Clickbank Affiliates

If you are serious about building an affiliate business then check out the 20 PLR videos that just went up for sale for less than fifty cents per video…

You can even optionally buy resell rights to these 20 videos and have your own product to sell or giveaway for list building!