Thanks for checking out my Mapify 360 Review and I’ll tell you about the bonuses in a minute…

Let me just sum up what Mapify360 does – it is a cloud-based software for finding businesses that need help with getting into the Google Map 3 pack – plus extensive training and related tools to help you help customers!

Here’s the Google map 3-pack I’m talking about – it is what you see at the top of search results (under the Google Ads) when you do a local search:

You can see that only 3 lucky businesses get to show up.

And you can see that this map pack takes up the majority of the first page in search results!

So it’s super important to be up there to maximize traffic…and that’s what Mapify360 helps with…finding businesses that need help getting into the 3 pack and then showing you how to get them there.

Inside Mapify 360

Here’s a look at what you get inside Mapify 360 when you search for prospects:

Search by business type and location. Then you can filter down to just businesses that have claimed their business on Google etc. Lots of switches and toggles to find exactly the kind of prospects you want…

Once you’ve identified some businesses that need help, then you add them to a campaign and email them or call them. Mapify 360 comes with pre-made email templates ready to be sent to the prospect (huge time saver!)

Once you get a client signed on, the next step is to start building citations…

One of the OTO add-ons for Mapify 360 is a Citation tool…it basically shows you exactly where you should build citations for the business in order to get them ranked.

I’m super impressed with the Citation add on – this is a huge time saver. I’ve always done citations the hard way – where I just go find the big list of the best citation sites and then start adding them in…

Mapify360 gives you the exact list of citations you need to add based on the context and location of the business. It cuts out a lot of wasted time.

Bonus time!!

If you buy Mapify360 through my link, I will be giving you my product Easy Offline Continuity ($27 value).

Here’s what Claire said about Easy Offline Continuity:

It shows you exactly how I set up a recurring revenue stream in my digital agency and how you can too! It’s one of the easiest ways to add income to your business that I have found…

Access to your bonus will be delivered inside the Warrior Plus purchase page for Mapify360…

That wraps up my review of Mapify 360 + Bonuses! Thank you so much for reading this.

You can also take a look inside Mapify 360 in my review on YouTube here: