Thanks for checking out my Kindle Kings Review!

Kindle Kings is one of the best product’s I’ve reviewed…but first…

You might be wondering, is Kindle Kings about publishing Kindle books?

Even though the product is named Kindle Kings, don’t be fooled into thinking this is about publishing Kindle ebooks! 

That’s not what it’s about! Kindle Kings is about publishing low content books as paperback on Amazon (which is easier than Kindle if you ask me) and this is truly the most passive income system that I know of (I do this too!)

Since about a year ago, Amazon got rid of Createspace – the paperback publishing area and rolled it into the Kindle dashboard…


What can Kindle Kings do for you?

Publishing low content books on Amazon will probably NOT make you rich…

I’m not going to lie to you. 

BUT, I published 5 low content books out on Amazon since 2016 and I do make enough to pay a few bills every month!

These are my sales (with absolutely no marketing at all) for the past 30 days…each one of those lines represents a sale and I get paid a royalty for each of those.

Sure, I could make more if I published more! (And that’s what I”ll be doing!)

Imagine making an extra $100 every month – what would you pay for? 

Pay a bill like I do?

Maybe use the money to buy a helpful software or course or two? 

Take your loved ones out for a nice meal – on you?

And…because these books are so easy to create, why not scale it up?

Kindle Kings is an ecourse that shows you exactly how to go from zero books published to getting your first one, second one, and many more published after that.

They leave no stone unturned in this training.

(there are several more categories and video trainings than what you see in that screenshot…but that’s all that fits on my screen!)

Does the idea of creating content for paperback books scare you? 

Even low content books can be a little difficult to create…

Kindle Kings has you covered with an option to add 101 low content interior designs all done for you.

Which means you can simply take one of their interior that is proven to work and use it to create your very own books!

They’ll even show you how to do it.

Plus you can also opt for their best selling cover designs. 

They take away all of the obstacles where people like you and I get stuck making these books!

What do you get inside the product?

Inside the training you get over 20 total training videos where they walk you through every step of the process…

They also reveal several free tools they use to identify the ‘hidden niches’ where competition is low.

My Customers Only Bonus ($97 Value)!

If you decide to buy Kindle Kings through my link on this page, I want to be sure you get going as fast as possible with getting your low content books published…

So what I’m doing is giving away one of my low content book templates that I’ve used to create blank recipe books…

This is a completely done-for-you template complete with 208 pages.

The template includes the front matter so you know exactly what to include…

The template is also perfectly set up so you won’t have to do a thing except add your own finishing touches and upload it to the KDP dashboard…