The core benefit of Hydravid Pro is syndication…and now check out my Hydravid Pro review to see what you think…

Here’s what Hydravid does for your business.

Let’s use my own business as an example.

As you may know, I make review and promotional videos to get traffic and sales…

My typical approach is write a blog post, create a video, share this on certain social media.

This works, but imagine how much more traffic I could get if I put this video in 10 different video networks and 10 social sites and 10 websites? 

That would multiply my traffic by at least several times, right?

Why not do that, you ask?

Well, because it takes a lot of TIME to syndicate content manually!

And that’s where Hydravid comes in. 

All I have to do is set up my details for these different social and video sites once and from then on, my videos can be automatically added to all of those platforms – multiplying the exposure of my videos with a few simple clicks!!

But what if you create content for different niches?

Hydravid has the most sophisticated way of handling this that I’ve seen.

So all you have to do is create a Campaign. In the campaign, you can specify exactly what where you want to share the videos you create.

I love this for 2 reasons.

  1. It means i can add all my social, video, and web accounts in Hydravid without worrying that my affiliate marketing videos are going to accidentally end up showing on my health food social accounts
  2. Once my campaign is set up, I can use it over and over again. Each time I want to add a new vid, I just upload or create one, enter the title and description info, then choose the campaign I want to share it on.

Can Hydravid add videos to my website?

Hyrdavid comes with a plugin that allows you to connect and post to your sites as part of the syndication process. 

Which sites your videos get posted to is determined by your campaign settings – so you control where your videos go.

Can you create videos inside Hydravid? 


Is it a good vid creator?

Yeah it’s quick to use. 

And as a bonus, we’re giving you access to a bunch of cool video backgrounds that you can upload straight in to Hydravid and use them for any project you want.

There are upgrades available as well…

One in particular allows you to syndicate across a broader network of sites and accounts. First, you get to add many more social networks beyond Facebook and Twitter. 

More importantly, Syndicate also gives you access to their broad network of video sites…and it does this for you automatically (meaning you don’t have to do any setup in these) so it gives you even more exposure and traffic.

What Bonuses Am I Offering?

ALL bonuses will be delivered in the Hydravid PRO members area. 


Video Backing Loops

47 Video loops to add motion to any video
Value $97

With circles, Sundances particles, Arrows
These amazing video effects can easily be added to your Hydravid PRO software library to add to any video. 


Background Audio Tracks

101 Audio Backing Tracks
Value $127

Any Video isn’t complete without a soundtrack. These 101 custom audio backing tracks will enhance every video you create. 


WP Viral Vid Box

Value $79

Create Shareable Embeddable Viral Experiences That BUILD Your List
Exclusive WP Plugin

With ViralVideoBox you can allow your blog readers to share your video content and you build your optin list every time someone watches the video..


Express Video Mastery

The fastest Path To Video Marketing Gold. 

Value $47

The Ultimate guide to mastering video marketing. 


Video Pop X

Value $79

Boost Your Email Leads and Track Every Video With Video POP


WP Video Optin

Value $67

Create Full page video optin systems for maximum site conversions