Today I’m going to talk about featured snippets on Google – what they are and why they matter.

Have you seen a featured snippet? Here is what they look like:

image of a featured snippet on google

So you can see that the snippet is an answer to the question you type in to the Google search bar…

And you can see in this particular search, Google also provides the ‘People Also Ask’ section which then has a featured snippet for answer to those questions!

Watch my latest video on YouTube about featured snippets on Google:

Featured Snippets on Google Are All You See Above the Fold

That’s important – because what it means is all the clicks and traffic are going to those web pages!

So this matters big time for getting traffic to yours or your customers website!

And as you figured out…

Featured snippets on Google come up when you type in a question as your search.

Get Traffic from Google Snippets

How do you benefit – like get traffic – from being the featured snippet?

Well, you can just start thinking up questions related to your keyword / niche and start writing blog posts to answer those questions!


Not all questions have a snippet on Google…

And of course, finding them manually would take forever.

Fortunately, there is a new software that will find the questions for you for any niche and teach you how to rank the first snippet!

Introducing Snip Ranker

Snip Ranker is new software from Abbas Ravji – a seasoned developer and SEO expert. One of my other software recommendations – WP Curation Pro – is a WordPress plugin developed by Abbas…

Anyway, I bought my first product from Abbas back in 2012 (Keyword Hunter) and I still use it today. (So he does support his products long-term 😉

Read more about Snip Ranker by clicking here

The SEO and search results landscape is changing…

Now is the time to claim a top spot on Google and start getting traffic…