My review of Energize:

  1. This is a done-for-you product where the app creates a funnel for you.
  2. The funnel promotes a high-ticket offer.
  3. They show you how to build up free traffic to send to your high-ticket funnel
  4. When people buy the high ticket offer, you get paid a commission

The funnels are designed to get visitors into a funnel. The pages are well-done in terms of copy and design.

Visitors are asked to opt-in to see the next step in the funnel. When they optin, they become your subscriber.

The value here is the done for you funnel. These are something that would cost hundreds of dollars to have built for you.

Plus, the copywriting is good – so it will get higher conversions than you would get if you wrote it yourself.

There are multiple upsells as well.

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