WP Curation Pro – WordPress Content Curation Plugin

What Is WP Curation Pro?

Are you curating content? If not, you should be!

Imagine if there was a way too…

Discover, curate, publish AND rank content – even videos…

In just four steps…

NO need to pay for a monthly service or hire a VA…

Now you can.

WP Curation Pro can curate blog posts, articles, images, or video automatically based on keywords or feeds right inside your WordPress posts.

Plus it works two angles for helping improve your SEO and traffic:

  1. The plugin syndicates  or “auto shares” new posts and post updates to your social media accounts
  2. The plugin has a way to auto update posts in the future with new content to improve the Google “Freshness factor” which improves rankings.

Who Is it by?

This plugin is created by Abbas Ravji.

Abbas has been making useful SEO related plugins and apps for years. I’m a long-time customer…and I’m not just saying that as a promo for this launch. One of the apps I bought from Abbas 4 years ago still gets regular updates – and I use it all the time.


Here’s one use case for the plugin – to revive old blogs that need content refreshes on autopilot!

WordPress Curation Pro

Here’s What I Like

I watched Abbas first video about this plugin back in October.

He takes his time and gets lots of feedback before launching his products to the public. And I like that because that means he’s worked out most of the bugs and issues – so that means you get a well-tested product.

Also, like I mentioned, Abbas is committed to his products. He supports them well. And you can expect to see updates to the product that won’t cost you a thing.

Lastly, my other content curation tool is not a WordPress plugin. I have to actually curate content in the tool, then bring it to my blogs.

WP Curation Pro puts all the functionality I need into the WordPress post – so it saves valuable time.

Here’s What I Would Add

Honestly, the plugin and training are as good as can be.

If there was one thing that I would add, and frankly this is out of the scope of what this plugin should do, it’s that it would be nice to have a way to automatically re-post my blog posts to social media sites on a schedule – even long after they’ve been published.

Well, I know how to do this – it’s how I get continual new traffic to my blog posts even though I haven’t been writing anything new!

Check out my bonus…

This is My Bonus

Here’s the deal. If you buy WP Curation Pro through the link below, I’ll give you immediate access to a training that I charge $97 for

It’s a secret technique  I’ll show you – including the free WordPress plugin I use to auto-post and re-post indefinitely all of my content on a set schedule.

It’s traffic on autopilot. And it’s yours free if you buy WP Curation Pro through the link below:

Click here to check out WP Curation Pro…

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review

Here it is… my Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 Review…

Need more traffic – free traffic ? Yep me too! And converting the traffic to buyers is appealing too.

I’m always interested in reading more about free traffic that converts! That’s why I picked this up.

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0

Plus, the first version of Lazy Profit Engine sold well…like 3,000+ copies.

Version 2.0 makes the lazy profit process even easier according to the sale page. I did not buy version 1 – so I cannot verify this!

But being a product creator myself, I know that over time I frequently discover new and better ways to do things so I don’t doubt that Brett and Tom have made it easier.

Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 – My Review

The way I review the product is to gauge it against the features and benefits they outline on the sales page.

I took several of the important benefits from the sale page as questions and then I answer them below…

Is it true that you can do this in 20 minutes a day?

Yes absolutely. I could do this in 20 minutes a day for sure.

If you’ve never done this kind of thing that Brett shows then it could take a more than 20 minutes your first few times.

But honestly, if it takes you an hour, is that so bad? Not if it will make some money and get traffic!

One of the traffic methods does use a blog (either a free blog or a hosted one) and if you’re not already set up then that could take some time.

But the basics of what Brett shows does not require a blog.

Will this really work with no list?

Absolutely. I’ve been through the whole PDF and some of the videos and Brett hasn’t mentioned it!

Honestly, this is about building traffic for free. You can easily turn this traffic into subscribers (which is recommended).

But the success of what Brett shows is not at all dependent on having a list already.


I’ve heard enough – take me to the sales page!

Is the traffic really free or do I need to buy traffic?

The traffic is totally free.

What exactly am I going to need to make this work?

This is one of the few products I’ve seen in the internet marketing space where you truly do not need to buy anything.

Honestly, Brett is walking through this whole method from A-Z without a single paid tool. Not even a hosting account.

So I think his claim that anyone can do this is spot on.

>>Get Lazy Profit Engine 2.0 here<<

My overall review

For the price, I think this is one of the most valuable products I’ve seen.

The method works. I have no doubts about the “income” screenshots they show on the sale page.

I’ve personally used this method and I know it works.

I’m kicking myself that I haven’t done more of it…but that’s going to change!

Video Review


I am recommending this product and the links in this document are “affiliate links” which means I earn a commission if you click and then decide to buy the product. You should definitely judge for yourself if the product is right for you. I do these reviews to try and help make it easier for you to decide.