I just put up a new video about affiliate marketing on Warrior Plus…you can watch it by clicking play on the video below.

Basically, Warrior Plus is a market place where both product creators and affiliates come together.

Product creators – called Vendors on Warrior Plus – create products to sell. Affiliates work with Vendors to help with promoting these products.

As an affiliate, you get paid a percentage of the sale price of products as a commission for helping find buyers.

How Do You Get Started With Affiliate Marketing on Warrior Plus?

The first step to being an affiliate on Warrior Plus is to set up an account.

Visit warriorplus.com and then register a new account.

Next, go ahead and fill out the information about yourself and your business (if applicable).

After you get logged in and fill out the information about yourself, you land on the Dashboard.

warrior plus dashboard

Find Offers to Promote as an Affiliate

Click on the link in the menu called Affiliate and then click the Offers page.

warrior plus affiliate menu

From the offers page, you can see all the products available for sale that you can promote as an affiliate…

The offers are sorted by Pulse Score – which is basically a measure that Warrior Plus uses to indicate how popular a product is in terms of sales and conversions.

Click the dropdown and you can choose a different way to sort the list of offers – like instead you could sort by launch date.

the offers page

Getting Approved to Promote A Product

From the offers page, on the right side there is a button that says Request. The Request button will open a pop up where you should type a message to the vendor asking permission to promote their product as an affiliate!

asking for approval to promote a product as an affiliate on warriorplus

Getting approved can be tricky when you are first starting out as an affiliate marketer.

Vendors want to work with quality affiliates who will send good prospects to the product sales page.

We’ll go into ways to get approved in another post and video.

Promoting as an Affiliate Marketer

After you get approval, the next step is promoting the product.

You could make YouTube videos, write blog posts, or even post articles on sites like Medium for free.

Here’s an example of affiliate marketing on Warrior Plus that I did here on the blog.

I link from the blog post to my review video on YouTube as well so that people can find the product review in either place (or both!).

And that’s how it’s done!

All you have to do is take action. 🙂